Sikhism, Hindu-Sikh relations and Khalistan

Introduction This is a particularly hard one to write about because of my close relations with Sikhs, but hopefully, the sensible ones will understand the content along with the intent and use this article to inject some sanity in the popular discourse surrounding Sikhs, without letting it dent their egos. I have the additional benefit […]

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Exploring China – Guilin, Xian & Beijing (Part III)

To begin with, if you haven’t read the second post in this China and Korea special, then please do so before reading this one. Day 8 – Guilin: We took a flight from Hangzou airport, where our hosts kindly dropped us at 6 am to board a domestic flight for Guilin in the south-east corner […]

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Insidious designs – Beef, lynchings, anti-Hindi protests, and Kashmir

There is an air of despondency that is being created in the Indian main stream media (MSM) about the state of the country. Facts don’t seem to matter. Every morning, either on MSM or on the leftist social media, I wake up to read about all that is terribly wrong in India. And there is […]

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Did Trump really ban Muslims?

No. That is a liberal-left construct. There are 50 Muslim majority countries in the world and the Trump administration only imposed a travel moratorium on citizens of 7 of those. But the left wingers in the US and around the world would have us believe something that simply isn’t true. I am not in favour […]

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