A year in the world’s most beautiful country

Kudos to all who said New Zealand, and photographic evidence to those who didn’t. But yes, this article is about the one-odd year we spent in Auckland, New Zealand, before we moved across the Tasman to Sydney, Australia. I am writing this article to capture my memories in NZ and also guide prospective immigrants with information. […]


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A Week Long Affair with Malaysia

Singapore, which is my new home, is just off the southern most tip of continental Malaysia. Historically and culturally, Singapore was a part of the Malay culture and kingdom. On account of friendly relations between the two countries today, a lot of people cross the road border between Johor Bahru and Singapore on a daily […]

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Exploring the royalties of Rajasthan

Here is my much delayed Rajasthan travelogue. See the accompanying pictures if you haven’t already. Rajasthan, which is India’s largest state, is also amongst the favourite tourist destinations in India. With a rich history and culture, it often forms part of the golden triangle that includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur (along with other important destinations […]

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