MeDreamer, writer, photographer, philosopher, socio-political critic, religious critic, traveler, mountaineer, nature lover etc.

Lots of interests in life…adventure, trekking, languages, culture, photography, love, poetry etc. I am a young man (thats what I like to believe), who enjoys his interactions with nature and nature’s creations. My passions include trekking, cycling, motorcycling and photography, history, religion, philosophy and more. I have been travelling for the last 14 years even in situations where there weren’t enough people around me, with whom I could collaborate and form a group. What this did is it taught me to travel solo.

Work as a UX architect based in Sydney, Australia. Have lived and worked in several continues before moving here. I independently study history, philosophy, religion in my spare time and write about them on my site.

You can know about my upcoming travel plans, and I will be happy to have interesting people get in touch with me. You can e-mail me at aviram@aol.in

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