In the footsteps of the Persian Empire (26 Feb to March 11, 2012)

Before I begin, based on the input received from my readers, I’m breaking down this travelogue into smaller posts. So this is the first section. I might have separate posts going ahead, or add the next section to this post, so eventually it will become a complete travelogue in the end. Please view the accompanying […]


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Mesmerizing Iran

I returned last week from an unforgettable trip to Iran. I call Iran the cradle of world civilization, because most of the major cultures of the world developed between roughly present day India and Iran/Iraq region. Please view the pictures from my trip here. Please view the pictures as a slide show….and do wait for […]

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South Karnataka on bike (26-29 Feb)

I recently returned from a 4 day motorcycle trip to southern Karnataka, which included Bangalore, Mysore, Srirangapatna, Somnathpur, Halebeedu, and Belur. Magificent trip. Exceeded all expectations. Please view pictures trip here. I will work on my travelogue soon, hopefully which will include both my north and south Karnataka trip details.

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Shaam-e-firaaq ab na pooch…

Faiz Ahmed Faiz….need I say more? ————– Sham-e-firaaq ab naa pooch, aayi aur aa ke tal gayi, Dil thaa ke phir behal gaya, jaan thee ke phir sambhal gayi; Bazm-e-Khayal mein tere husn ki shamaa jal gayi, Dard ka chaand bujh gaya, hijr ki raat dhal gayi; Jab tujhe yaad kar liyaa subaha mehak mehak […]

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