Exploring China – Shanghai, Nanjing & Hangzhou (Part II)

To begin with, if you haven’t read the first post in this China and Korea special, then please do so before reading this one. Day 1 – Shanghai: We arrived in Shanghai at an odd hour, at something around 2 am local time, after a tiring journey from Sydney. We had booked accommodation with a […]

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Asia beyond India – Exploring China and Korea (Part 1)

In February 2016, things didn’t quite go as planned with my employer in Australia and when life gives you lemons, you ….do what? You make lemonade. So my wife (Farnaz) and I decided to take the opportunity (the time between changing jobs) to fulfill our common dream, that of visiting China. Korea was the icing on […]

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A year in the world’s most beautiful country

Kudos to all who said New Zealand, and photographic evidence to those who didn’t. But yes, this article is about the one-odd year we spent in Auckland, New Zealand, before we moved across the Tasman to Sydney, Australia. I am writing this article to capture my memories in NZ and also guide prospective immigrants with information. […]

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In the footsteps of the Persian Empire – Part 4

Please read part 3 of my travelogue if you haven’t already. March 6: I arrived in Tehran and went towards the house of another interesting CS host, Komeil. Komeil was a budding film maker, who was currently going through his mandatory military service. It was already late evening when I met him. I had a […]

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