The Hypocricy of American Interventionism

For a long time now, we’ve been hearing and witnessing US-led interventionism. US interventionism, which includes both economic and military, started over a 100 years ago and has now culminated in the middle-east. Most of these efforts are NATO-backed aimed at ousting regimes that the US finds not fit to rule. Human rights, weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons, export of terror etc. are generally the reasons or convenient excuses. Just to give you an idea, the list of countries where America intervened militarily, is as follows:

— Latin America
— Iran (Yes, US has already been there)
— Vietnam
— Egypt
— Cambodia
— Yugoslavia
— Kosovo
— Haiti
— Philippines
— Congo
— Afghanistan
— Iraq
— Pakistan
— Libya

This, believe it or not, is a condensed list. You can view the full list here. Now, the immediate questions that comes to my mind is whether the US has some special divine sanction (incidentally, they think they do) to do what it does. Many of these interventions came without UN backing. The UN in itself is nothing without the US, and the US conveniently uses the UN to further NATOs agenda at the expense of other. The UNSC is divided into two blocks. One is pro-US and one is anti-US (Russia and China). The pro-US bloc will support whatever the US does even without and UNSC resolution to that effect. The anti-US bloc will oppose whatever the US proposed, even if it is genuine! I’ll focus my attention more on the middle-east, since that is the region which is in the eye of the storm at the moment. I’ll talk about US policies in the region classified by nations, and try to clarify US hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to invading other countries.

Afghanistan: Taliban was formed and funded by a US-Pakistan nexus to keep the Soviet Union at bay. When the Taliban turned against the US, the US invaded Afghanistan and destroyed the Talibani political leadership. However, the US never really wanted to actually capture or kill Osama, Mullah Omar. How else do you explain them announcing on world TV that it will invade Afghanistan at XXXX hrs on so and so date if Taliban doesn’t surrender. Did they expect Taliban to respond and surrender? Is this how an invasion is planned…that you tell everyone in the world…hey listen…we are coming…so you better run and hide. Despite this farce, US’ intervention was quite welcome by the Afghani people who had suffered the most during the Taliban era. However, US and NATO miscalculated the extent of their involvement in Afghanistan. The US intervention has cost 15000 Afghani civilians lives (and 2078 US soldiers died). Today, the country is struggling to get back on its feet grappling a resurgent Taliban and facing an imminent departure of NATO troops on account of increasing pressure to do so in their home countries. Drug trade, flesh trade, poppy trade, arms trade etc. are the only occupations left in Afghanistan. It is rated as the worst place to be born a woman in the world and this is 12 years after the US has been there.

Iraq: Saddam Hussein was CIA’s blue eyed boy and became the ruler of Iraq in the 70s. The apostle of Democracy, USA, had no problems in supporting a dictator rise to power through illegal use of the military for a coup. For the next three decades, Saddam and his cronies brutally ruled Iraq that included the state-sponsored genocide almost 150000 Kurds, 60000 Shias, and 5000 others, and the unilateral war against Iran. You can see Saddam’s human rights record here. Donald Rumsfeld, who was the special envoy of the US in the region, was personally present to work with Saddam during the war. The war against Iran was purely opportunistic, and Iraq, backed by the US, invaded the gas rich region of Iran (Khuzestan) at a time of political turmoil in Iran. Saudi Arabia provided $20 bn in funding to Iraq for the war. Today, US is wanting to invade Syria over use of chemical weapons, when they were hand in glove with Iraq using chemical weapons to wipe out entire towns (see Halabja poison gas attack and Oshnavieh). Later, when the Iranian offensive started, US directly attacked Iranian ships (for example, the US air force blew up IS Sahand).

In 2003, the US invaded Iraq, and Donald Rumsfeld, who once was helping Saddam invade Iran, was the defense secretary of the US and a pivotal figure in the invasion of Iraq. The US fooled the world about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, where as when Saddam butchered thousands of people, the US was supporting his regime. What if Iraq had WMDs? India, Pakistan, China have greater WMDs…so do you invade all of them too? The fact is that US’ vested interests (that of weakening Iran) in the region were served and it was time to invade. The invasion of Iraq has cost more than a hundred thousand civilian lives and has left the country reeling under the worst civil wars the the world has seen. Now, the US is planning to go back home leaving Iraq to fend for itself. The US invasion has cost at least 103380 Iraqi civilian lives (and 4486 US soldiers). The country is completely ruined, and its capital Baghdad, which was once the cradle of civilization (Sumerian and Babylonian civilization) is a ghost town, where on an average, 2-3 explosions take place everyday. The Shia-Sunni conflict is worse than ever and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The biggest joke is that the US tried Saddam for war crimes…for crimes he committed in wars that the US supported!

Iran: Till 1979, when the Islamic revolution in Iran overthrew the Pahalvi dynasty, the US and Iran were close allies. US and UK controlled most of Iran’s state policy and oil. M R Pahalvi, the last king of Iran, was a very westernized man, who went on a mission to modernize (westernize) Iran. In fact, he was appointed to his seat after a CIA backed coup overthrew the democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. Anyway, after he was deposed by Khomeini (leader of Islamic revolution), the US and Iran became foes for the simple reason that the US could not control the Iranian state policy any more. M R Pahlavi was given asylum in the US and the state policy against Iran turned very hostile. This was because the new leadership refused to be dictated by the US (unlike their predecessors), which hurt US interests in the region. They also went on a spree to ‘DE-westernize’ Iran. This is when the US-backed Iraq to attack Iran, and later attacked Iran itself. The war was completely unprovoked and there wasn’t even any dispute over the region in question.

Today, the US has painted a picture that Iran is the worst country in the world, a state where people live in terror, with the worst human rights record etc. This is all an illusion created in order to garner support to impose sanctions (and possible military intervention) against Iran. Why though? Iran is the only non-Arab powerful country in the region. The US has the Arabs in its pockets (with Saudi Arabia and Egypt) and wants to keep the Iran-Arab conflict alive. This means US can sell billions of dollars of weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia by falsely projecting a potential Iranian domination. As you might know, I’ve been to Iran several times, and it is easily the most developed (socially and politically) country in the region despite being ruled by a tyrannical regime.

US is now showing the world that Iran is building nukes, and that if it does so, it will blow up Israel and America. This is another illusion. The only country to have ever used nukes is the US. IAEA inspectors have found no evidence of nuclear enrichment in Iran. Even if they are building nukes, I don’t know how US has the authority to stop them from doing so. US is the other side of the globe and having technology to build a nuke doesn’t mean you have an ICBM to carry a nuke warhead 10000 km away. China gift-wrapped nukes for Pakistan (to counter India’s development of nukes), but the US did not say a word about the fact that Pakistan is not a responsible state (has waged four wars against India) or about China’s proliferation. Based on the illusion, the US has imposed severe sanctions on Iran, which is destroying the lives of ordinary citizens, who in reality hate their govt. more than the US! Here is a research paper by an American group throwing some interesting light on the real reasons for America’s anti-Iran stance.

Israel: Often called America’s 51st state, when Israel was formed in the Palestinian-Gaza belt in 1948, it could do so because the US supported it. At that moment, Israel was nothing but a congregation of displaced Jews, who felt that they had found their promised land (promise made by Moses) and set up their tents there. Palestinians, who, are a small number, but are Arabs, have been living there for a long time as well. If the US desired, the conflict between Israel and Palestine could have been resolved long ago, but by doing so, US would dent its military export industry. Israel has the sixth most powerful military in the world, and most of that is American (and British/French). Israel is virtually a case where the US has created a country as a market for itself, and also as an outpost in the volatile region. Brilliant strategy, right? US often quotes that Khomeini said that Israel should not exist on the world map as indication that Iran intends to destroy Israel. However, an alternative explanation is that Khomeini said so because politically, Israel should not exist, because it did force itself into the house of others. If the US was so concerned about the Jews, they could have easily negotiated an area exclusively for Jews and an area exclusively for Palestinian Arabs, considering the relatively small numbers of both communities.

In the UN, US has repeatedly blocked international attempts to have Israel sign the non-proliferation treaty (NPT), which will allow IAEA inspectors to inspect Israeli nuclear sites.

Egypt: Hosni Mubarak, the corrupt dictator ousted by a popular uprising, was America’s puppet. The irony is that Israel (US’ 51st state) offered asylum to Mubarak! The U.S. government has long considered Mubarak one of its closest and most important allies in the world, and has provided his regime with billions of dollars in aid. As WikiLeaks revelations have made clear, the U.S. rulers have long been fully aware of the Mubarak regime’s savage repression and robbery of the Egyptian people.

In 1978, the US-brokered Camp David Accords were signed between Israel and Egypt, establishing diplomatic relations and ending the state of hostility between them. This treaty signaled a major strategic shift for Egypt: allying with (in reality becoming subordinated to) the U.S. and Israel. Since taking power in 1981 following the assassination of Anwar Sadat (who signed the accords with Israel), Mubarak has continued and deepened this orientation. In 1991, Mubarak led Egypt into Iraq alongside the US.

In 2009, Obama visited Cairo and delivered a lecture to ‘the Muslim world’. During one of the press conferences while on his way to Cairo, Obama was asked about Mubarak and his authoritarian regime. Obama said “I don’t like to use label for folks. Mubarak is a good man. He is running a stable society and he is our friend.”. Today, the Obama administration claims to support the Egyptian people and their just demands, and acts as if it’s now shocked to find out about the horrors faced by the Egyptian people at the hands of the Mubarak regime.

In reality, there’s abundant evidence that the U.S. and Egypt’s rulers have been very well aware of this, and deliberately turned Egypt into a torture state where even the most basic rights are nonexistent and opposition to the regime is violently suppressed, in order to maintain their grip on power and their hegemony.

In 2005, the UN Committee Against Torture found that “Egypt resorted to consistent and widespread use of torture against detainees” and “the risk of such treatment was particularly high in the case of detainees held for political and security reasons.” (United Nations, “Report of the Committee Against Torture,” p. 227) Human Rights Watch’s latest report on the Mubarak regime is titled: “‘Work on Him Until He Confesses’: Impunity for Torture in Egypt.” (Online at:

Libya: There is strong evidence to suggest that US/UK had a secret and cosy relationship with Muammar Gaddafi. Here, Gaddafi talks about the possibility that the US will invade and hang all Arab leaders, like it did to Saddam, at the Arab Summit in Syria. Lastly, here is a video where King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia clearly asks Gaddafi, who bought you into power (rhetoric to the US) at the Arab summit. It is only in the last decade or so that Gaddafi upped his anti-US antics and invited US’ wrath.

Syria: In the news of late for its ‘oppressive’ and ‘murderous’ regime, what people don’t know is that Syria is a close ally of Iran (and of Russia) and the only Arab country that is not dominated by Saudi funded Wahhabi regime. US’ idea is to plant the Saudi mentality all over the Arab world, so that it can use Saudi Arabia as a remote control. They are telling you that the Syrian regime is killing rebels, but they aren’t telling you that a large chunk of these rebels are Al-Qaeda and other Sunni extremist groups that simply want the Alwaite (Shia) leader Assad out of power. Some of them are: Syrian Islamic Liberation Front, Al-Nusra Front, Al-Tawhid Brigade etc. The hypocrisy of the US was evident when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to Assad as a “reformer” in late March 2011 and said the U.S. believed he would respond appropriately to the demands of his people. I am not a supporter of Assad, but he is a modern and educated leader. If he is overthrown and the ‘rebels’ come to power, Syria will become a worse repressive society like Saudi Arabia. Whatever it is, it still is a relatively secular dictatorship. Better than an Islamist dictatorship for sure. Also, Damascus is the world’s oldest surviving city, and as a lover of history, I don’t wish for it to be destroyed like Baghdad.

Pakistan: Another long term ally of the US (in fact officially a major non-NATO ally of the US). The aim to support Pakistan (in fact to create Pakistan) was to keep the India+Soviet nexus at bay because conventional thought was that strong India+Russia=bad for US. Most of Pakistan’s weapons, including the ones used against India, are US made. US backed Zia Ul Haq to create the Taliban, which has now ransacked Pakistan as well. The US is now virtually invading Pakistan (they did so for Osama) and they do it with drones everyday. 36,000 Pakistanis have been killed from 2004 to 2010. Pakistan lives on US aid so it really can’t say anything to the US. Now, US is realigning its strategic interests by luring India as Pakistan is cosying up with China.

US and Israel will soon get a taste of the true character of Pakistan when they realize that they have been focusing on the wrong nuke-armed country for the last decade! As a litmus test, I encourage you to seek the average Iranians opinion about Israel versus the average Pakistani’s. Just to elucidate my point, Pakistani’s consider Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi as national heroes! In fact, a Pakistani once said to me that they are at par with Gandhi in their opinion.

Saudi Arabia: The biggest devil of them all. US’ number one ally in the middle-east, and the most powerful Arab country. Powerful not only economically due to its oil, but militarily, and most important, politically. Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam, and every Muslim has to go to Saudi once in his life on account of Hajj. Saudi Arabia is America’s dirty secret. The country with the most absolute dictatorship on earth, the most regressive laws, the most repressive use of force for promotion of Wahhabi faith, is America’s best friend. Saudi royalty is often spotted gambling millions of dollars in the US, and a number of their young princes have been caught with high profile prostitutes in the US.

Saudi Arabia is the number one sponsor of terror, including direct funding of terror groups in Pakistan, and indirect indoctrination of people by setting up of Wahhabi seminaries like in Kashmir and increasingly in central Asia. According to Hillary Clinton, donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide, but we’ll soon see her cosy up with King Salman when she becomes president. It is ruled by the same family for some 600 years, but the champion of democracy, USA, sees nothing wrong in it. Women have no rights; forget women…no one has any rights in Saudi Arabia. No religious freedom, no rights for anyone who is not a Muslim Arab etc., but it is still US’ biggest ally. All the recent hue and cry about Americans on Muslim lands is another farce, because Saudi houses American troops on a permanent basis since 1990. America says Saudi and it are working towards eradicating violent extremism! Read on..

Out of the 19 hijackers of 9/11, 15 were from Saudi Arabia, 2 from UAE (another US ally and Saudi’s little brother), 1 from Egypt (major US ally), and 1 Lebanon. No one was from Afghanistan or Iraq, the two countries that paid the price. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian. Saudi Arabia ranks among the top 5 in the world in government spending for its military, representing about 9 percent of gross domestic product. So, each year, Saudi Arabia spends $60 bn on its military, which is 25% more than India in absolute terms. For what? Does Saudi Arabia have a single enemy? Who would attack the house of terror?! The United States alone has sold more than $100 billion in military hardware between 1951-2006 to the Saudi military, which is nearly double of all military grants made to Israel till date. Here, Obama is seen talking about how Saudi and America are strategic partners.

The ultimate conflict of interest here is that US arms both Saudi and Israel; Israel which is hated by Muslims for killing Arab Palestinians, and Saudi which is the most important Arab Muslim nation. Lebanon, Syria, and Iran (all of which are not Wahhabi-Sunni) somehow support Palestine and oppose Israel, but Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam, doesn’t. Saudi Arabian military also killed Yemeni Shia rebels who were trying to overthrow the Yemeni dictatorship for the sole reason that they were Shias. Off late, Saudi Arabia has been engaging in arm twisting the US over Syria and Iran, both of which pose no threat to Saudi Arabia as such, but pose a threat to Saudi’s dominance over the Islamic world.

So, how do you now view America? An angel? Or a devil? Whatever your conclusion might be, I see America as a country with two sides. On one side are the people that are protected by it, that is, are part of the American society, and the other is everyone else. America will do everything to protect the interests of its people even at the cost of everyone else in the world. So, we have two choices; somehow join the American diaspora and be safe, or unite against American interventionism to protect our collective interests. For America, war is the most tried and tested method to keep its economy running and growing.

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