Mesmerizing Iran

I returned last week from an unforgettable trip to Iran. I call Iran the cradle of world civilization, because most of the major cultures of the world developed between roughly present day India and Iran/Iraq region. Please view the pictures from my trip here. Please view the pictures as a slide show….and do wait for my travelogue.


9 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Iran

  1. Mesmerizing photo’s Aviram. Beautiful place, beautiful people, I can see why you enjoyed your time there so much. I was awe struck by the architecture of the buildings and the bold, vibrant colours in so many of the structures. My impression of Iran is completely different now, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. Aviram, well captured pictures, gives us a virtual tour of the place. Iran is such a beautiful place as can be seen from the pictures. thanks for sharing.

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