Aaj Bazaar Main…

Extraordinary poem by the legendary Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Hear him recite it, followed by Noor Jehan sing it here.

Chashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin..
Tohmat-e-ishq-posheeda kafi nahin

Aaj bazaar main pa-bajolan chalo..
Dast afshan chalo, mast-o-raqsan chalo..
Khak bar sar chalo, khoon badaman chalo..
Rah takta hai sub shehr-e-janaan chalo..

Aaj bazaar main pa-bajolan chalo..

Hakim-e-shehr bhi, majma-e-aam bhi..
Teer-e-ilzam bhi, sang-e-dushnam bhi..
Subh-e-nashaad bhi, roz-e-naakaam bhi..

Unka dum-saaz apnay siwa kaun hai..
Shehr-e-janaan main ab baa-sifa kaun hai..
Dast-e-qatil kay shayan raha kaun hai..

Rakht-e-dil bandh lo, dil figaron chalo..
Phir hum hi qatl ho aain yaron chalo..

Aaj bazaar main pa-bajolan chalo..
Heavily Persianized Urdu….for a reasonable translation, click here.


7 thoughts on “Aaj Bazaar Main…

  1. lovely peotry, but a few secens were quite disturbing rather the only one in which 3 people were hung by the neck

    1. Yeah Nitu….but if you were able to decipher the real meaning behind the poem…it has a very political undertone to it, which is clear from those visuals as well.

      1. I did read the meaning , on the link you posted, but the visual had three 3 people being hanged though the visual went well along with the reference and context yet watching a bunch of people getting hanged does not feel good, watching helpless people in pain dopes not feel good;especially, when you know it is wrong and you are hand tied and sometimes even mouth zipped feels as helpless as the sufferer. Now, do you get my point?

        Enough of funda , nice blog not your talent but you have a good collection 🙂

  2. ahaaN .. great nazm !!

    .. plus, its also nice to see a person from across the border having interest in Urdu Poetry, particularly when the standard of poetry is so high (like in this nazm), and contains rich/heavy set of words.
    Yes, poetry has no boundaries !

    .. are you comfortable with reading Urdu Script ?

    1. Hello, yes it is sad to see that people from the land of Urdu today struggle to read and write it. This nazm is very heavily Persianized and to be honest I couldn’t understand half of it first! Yes I can read and write Farsi and Urdu…but only if it is computer typed…handwritten stuff is difficult to read.

      In a few days, I will be writing an article about the demise of Urdu in India. Please subscribe to my site, so you will be notified when I post it.

      Greetings from Hindustan!

    1. Very nice…I know mere next article se related hai 🙂

      Ek nazm main aapko sunaoonga…zabaan-e-hind hai Urdu…comparison ki koi gunjaish nahi…lekin aap suntey reh jaoge. Email me at aviram@aol.in, I will respond.

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