Main Khayal Hoon…

This is one of my all time favourite poems by Janab Saleem Kausar. There was a song in a hindi film which was copied from this poem, but I strongly suggest you complete discard that song from your head when enjoying this wonderful poem because this is on a different plane all together.

Main khayal hoon kisi aur ka…mujhe sochta koi aur hai..
Sar-e-aaina mera aks hai…pas-e-aaina koi aur hai…

Main kisi ke dast-e-talab main hoon…toh kisi ke harf-e-dua main hoon..
Main naseeb hoon kisi aur…mujhe maangta koi aur hai..

Ajab aetbaar aur beaetbaari ke darmiyaan hai zindagi..
Main kareeb ho hoon kisi aur ke…mujhe jaanta koi aur hai..

Meri roshni tere khad-o-khal se mukhtalif toh nahi magar..
Tu kareeb aa tujhe dekh loon ..tu wohi hai ya koi aur hai..

Tujhe dushmano ki khabar na thi…mujhe doston ka pata nahi..
Teri dastaan koi aur thi…mera waqaya koi aur hai…

Wohi munsifon ki rivayatein..wohi faislon ki ibaratein..
Mera jurm toh koi toh koi tha…meri sazaa koi aur hai..

Kabhi laut aayen toh poochna nahi..dekhna unhein gaur se..
Jin raaston mein khabar hui ke yeh raasta koi aur hai..

Jo meri riyasat-e-neem-shab ko ‘Saleem’ subah na mil saki..
Toh phir iske maani toh yeh hue ki yahan khuda koi aur hai..

Main khayal hoon kisi aur ka…mujhe sochta koi aur hai..
Sar-e-aaina mera aks hai…pas-e-aaina koi aur hai…

There are too many things to explain here as the poem uses quite sophisicated Urdu. But sar-e-aaina=in front of the mirror and pas-e-aaina=behind the mirror.

You can listen to Saleem sahab recite this poetry here.

You can also listen to Nusrat sahab’s wonderful rendition of this poem here. Note that in the song, not all the stanzas are included.

Jagjit’s Singh version is here and Mehdi Hassan’s is here.


4 thoughts on “Main Khayal Hoon…

  1. Every story has a moral,every poetry has a theme, what is the theme of this one? What was the poet thinking of while penning this down

  2. What do you do? are you a mass media sudent or a journalist or a writer? are you writing some research paper over historical and/or global issues?

  3. kindly provide the meaning of following words as they mean in this poem/ghazal (1)dast-e-talab, (2)khad-o-khal , (3)riyasat-e-neem-shab

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